Episode 14 - A Wide-Ranging Discussion (feat Guest Host Cam Smith)

A wide-ranging (code for a bit all over the place) discussion about what's going on.

00:53 Introducing Cam Smith from Gather Around Me (and his making fun of absurd conspiracies podcast)
03:55 Eric Abetz is worried about rainbow flags
04:50 Trying to listen to right-wing podcasts
05:28 George Christensen drops whip role because irony
06:47 Sky "News Agenda" tries to ambush Bob Carr on Netanyahu and it backfires
07:30 Matthias Cormann seems to have missed something obvious
09:10 Tony's five-point-plan of terrible ideas: inaction on climate
11:00 Cory is lonely
12:05 Malcolm and nonsense about opinion polls
13:30 Cam thinks maybe standards in parliament used to be higher
17:45 Morrison or Dutton, we know it's lose-lose, but if you had to choose
18:41 Interjection: how is there a national tenancy database with barely any oversight?
19:50 Morrison or Dutton: world's worst episode of Perfect Match continues
21:00 Tony's terrible ideas for immigration and housing
21:54 Penalty Rates
22:20 Interjection: "Jobs and Growth" defined
24:42 Penalty rates - businesses dodging them; ALP could pick better representative
29:05 Penalty rates - weekend loading vs higher wages
33:46 Increase wages vs house prices
35:30 Centrelink betraying Australians' private information to punish them
45:50 The Lib who wants even longer between elections (fixed four-year terms)
49:10 AUSTRALIA VS HUMANITY - people as fleas, deporting a doctor for having an autistic child. Australia on human rights council
01:12:30 STUCK IN MY CRAW - Denise Pirko - telling young people that housing's quite doable, if they sacrifice more