Episode 40 - When losers get to make demands (feat Denise Pirko)

Look, the citizenship thing may be continuing, with a new byelection and a returning ALP premier; we might still be killing those men on Manus; NSW may be insisting on the terminally ill dying in agony: but first we really need to get off our chests the insane reality of winning this rigged postal survey, but still having to fight for equality.

And Mark O'Brien from the Tenants Union of Victoria returns to tell us what's stuck in his craw.

WMWS bonus episode: Thoughts on the Road 03 - S44 Is Not Progressive

While this week's proper episode recording waits for the result tomorrow on the national survey into what percentage of Australian voters in 2017 are bigoted dickheads (here's hoping Australia doesn't beclown itself, but its record recently hasn't been good), here's another episode of "Jeremy Rants In His Car" to offend audiophiles and contribute some thoughts on the little-explored issue of an obscure section of the constitution people rarely think about these days, section 44. TL;DR - stop thinking s44 is okay just because it's currently giving this awful government a headache. It's still a problem.

WARNING: like the other "thoughts on the road" bonus episodes, this is recorded on a phone. It is not the usual audio quality of the proper episodes. Also you'll hear some indicator clicking noises at various times. And the occasional baby gurgle.

Episode 39 - It All Depends On How It's Implemented (feat Mark O'Brien from the TUV)

01:38 s44 vs the government (Stephen Parry; we didn't know when we recorded on Monday night about Alexander, Frydenberg etc); also what the hell was the High Court thinking?
13:40 the last two days of the postal survey: why did the equality side pull out a week early?
27:22 Manus developments; Trumble refusing NZ offer
39:17 Victorian government changes to rental laws; what bits deserve celebrating, and how hard; what are the upcoming threats, and what can we do about them.

WMWS first anniversary feedback thread

Technically the first anniversary was last month, but it's probably worth at this point having a bit of a review, bit of an opportunity for listener feedback, things we're getting right and you'd like more of, things we're getting wrong and you'd like less of (but, you know, expressed diplomatically please), things you'd like to hear, guests you'd like us to approach and so on. Do you like the bonus episodes? Does having a more regular commentary make up for the audio quality when Jeremy  records in his car? Should we have specific rewards for Patreon subscribers or are you happy just helping to keep the podcast going? (We'd still like to get to the level where we can actually pay guests something non-insulting.)

We love our Well May We Say community, and - at this transitional stage, as we move back to a more regular structure after a few somewhat chaotic months due to baby-related issues - we'd love to hear how you're feeling about it all.