Episode 57 - Chilling Effects

00:01:00 the stupidity and chilling effect of the Gerry Harvey tariff
00:06:43 150m exclusion zone around NSW abortion clinics not chilling at all
00:08:27 "foreign interference" laws' chilling effect on oversight of security services
00:11:33 s44 is stupid and needs fixing. Chilling.
00:13:46 NSW chillingly contemplating giving corporations the right to sue for defamation
00:18:13 seniors predominantly conservative bc poverty kills the rest, such as during winter chills
00:19:16 NEG debate within the coalition - no chill at all
00:24:05 Striking BoM staff predict a big chill... in their ability to survive a five year pay freeze.

Episode 56 - Leaking With Prejudice

01:21 Not going to talk about Barnaby, Michaelia, Pauline
04:40 ...although Burston supporting the LNP's corporate tax cuts is a worry
09:11 LNP abolishing the family court
15:00 Public service can now leak your private information to save their political masters embarrassment if you criticise them
20:18 A third of robodebt appeals reveal debt not owed
22:24 minimum wage raised; retail association complains
23:50 shitty things retail sector is up to - franchisors, payday lending
27:05 Sheep
29:18 Australia vs Humanity: refugee dies, department leaks to smear him before even telling his wife he's dead
30:18 4 year hole in safety net for migrants: it hurts all of us
32:02 School chaplains - both sides admit they proselytise
33:29 Vic parliament affirms "advancement of religion" as charity, even though it's clearly not