Episode 102 - Sounds from a Dark Place

00:01:05 Pacific Island Forum; Australia waters down comminque; Ardern calls us out; Alan Jones attacks; Scummo lame response; Jones's lame defence,

00:15:47 Safe point after Alan Jones audio; Alexander Downer vs "virtue signalling".

00:19:50 Religions vs the rest of us; Guardian using the fundamentalists' framing; the "christian" lobby thinks it's found a way to gain the privilege for religious employers AND religious employees at the expense of the rest of us; Victoria progress on birth record bill; NSW progress on abortion.

00:46:20 Real freedoms being really infringed and really needing actual protections - Banerji; Witness K and Collaery

00:56:01 Pushback on NS increase campaign; Ch 9 "welfare cheats" with "scam" to access own money in spite of Indue card; Ch 9 "digital forensic lab"; news.com.au's "$17,000 a week tradie jobs" being TURNED DOWN

Episode 100 - Let Them Eat Something In Dubbo (feat Ginger Valentine and Denise Sear-Pirko)

00:03:12 McCormack wants people starving on NewStart to "move to the regions". Also let's just talk about social security for a moment.

00:26:27 NIB boss Mark Fitzgibbon wants the govt to abolish medicare and force everyone to take up private health insurance

00:45:40 Labor votes to give Peter Dutton the power to deny any one of us entry to Australia without a court process and without right of appeal.

00:53:00 Albo and the ALP - bitch and fold; "easy answers"

01:05:27 Australia Vs Humanity - Imprisoning an infant, at 2 years old her teeth have rotted and have been been removed.

Episode 99 - A Positive Spin (feat Brandon Selic)

00:02:00 Ablo don't call liars liars

00:04:30 Marles and Labor pushing for a more generous pension regime if you own property

00:07:06 NewStart - Labor saying it's up to govt.

00:14:49 Luke Howarth's "positive spin" on homelessness

00:15:30 RDN not attacking Labor, just being an actual opposition

00:20:40 Pyne & Bishop cleared by govt as not being in breach of standards

00:22:53 Marles: coal industry should be 'celebrated'

00:23:50 Matt Canavan thinks coal improves air quality

00:25:10 Abbott: dark satanic mills

00:27:30 Paul Murray blaming Labor for cost of LNP's deal with Lambie

00:30:38 Adani getting data on public servants - Deputy PM thinks it's fine

00:33:20 NBN - both for netflix, but also killed by netflix

00:36:00 Daisy against corporate involvement in politics

00:38:26 PNG deporting Nick McKim for looking into Lorengau