Episode 35 - An argument about how to "yes" (feat Ella Webb)

After cruising through the jolly topics of the LNP's obsession with magic coal plants like Liddell, and an especially one-sided version of media law reform, Jeremy and Ella have quite a vigorous argument about whether Love being Love is enough, or whether the Yes side in this vicious postal survey needs to go harder. Cam Smith returns to tell us what's stuck in his craw.

Episode 34 - An urgent message for "Yes" (feat guest host Denise Pirko)

A thoroughly devastating week in Australian politics, and we're only up for discussing the awful consequences of the High Court's decision on Thursday, what it means, and what the hell the Yes side needs to do about it.

Also in a fortnight of crazed anti-vaxxer antics, Dutton briefly does something right. And then a lot wrong.

01:26 A terrible day, a depressing week
03:40 A pyrrhic victory as the executive gains the ability to do whatever it likes whether parliament approves or not
08:55 What hideous "religious protections" are they going to gain to make life worse for LGBTI people?
09:28 John Howard rises from the crypt to reveal what the "no" side is fighting for: maintaining the "authority" of their religion over the rest of us
11:35 The "Yes" side needs to resist being boxed into the corner of pretending equality for LGBTI people is just about marriage - if we let them push us into denying we want full equality, and into insisting all we want is marriage, then that's all we'll get, and we'll go backwards elsewhere
14:20 Everything the "No" side is fighting against and fighting for
21:44 Come on, "Yes" side, OWN THAT YOU WANT FULL EQUALITY. Don't act like it's something you're ashamed to stand for.
24:56 What if we end up with a "yes" vote win, but a dodgy "SSM" bill with new discriminatory powers that make life worse for LGBTI people.
29:30 We weren't even ever offered a real plebiscite; also, people are selling their surveys.
30:30 What else we can do to help
33:31 Dutton's brief moment
39:17 But remember, still the worst person in Australia

Episode 33 - When Bad Governments Panic (feat Cam Smith)

Cam Smith from Gather Around Me joins Jeremy to discuss

01:25 Does winding back negative gearing or family trust rorts really feel all that much like East Germany, really Matthias?
03:47 reductio ad absurdem: any kind of tax increase is "socialism".
04:24 if you must broadcast Lyle Shelton constantly bloody do better at pinning down what he's saying
24:31 drug testing - it's this month's way for right-wingers to get their jollies in kicking the poor
32:56 Tony's not feeling up to work today
40:48 Australia vs humanity: starving some very poor refugees in the community here, and the Daily Telegraph lying about it; PNG telling Australia they can't stay there; Nauru stopping refugees getting medical treatment; ACT welcomes them
52:07 Canavan and Roberts in the High Court with shiny new stories
56:24 more stupid statue nonsense 

Episode 32 - "The Something Wonky Effect" (feat Ben Pobjie)

Sure, we didn't get to Joyce, and Nash came after we recorded, and for god sake Xenophon too? Seriously? So it'll be a giant episode next week.

But in the meantime we covered:

05:15 Unleashing craziness against LGBTI people
15:25 The "Coalition for Marriage"'s top three arguments
27:20 What the "no" side really want and what we need to be shouting from the rooftops
35:18 What the "yes" side needs to be reminding somehow-undecided voters about the dangers of the "no" side
57:29 Stuck In My Craw - punishing Yarra Council for questioning the date of Australia Day - Denise Pirko
01:24:32 Australia Vs Humanity
01:24:34 BREAKING NEWS INTERRUPTION! Courier Mail's scumbag attempt to portray Manus Island as a paradise bc they got a photo of a refugee LOOKING NOT MISERABLE FOR A MOMENT
01:29:09 LNP politician reads David Marr column and realises that actually what we're doing to refugees is indefensible
01:33:04 So, Ben, what have we learned?
01:35:00 How to Reach That Person who somehow still can't see LGBTI people as equal to them, but also doesn't want to live under a theocracy

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