Episode 25 - Contempt (feat Guest Host Denise Pirko)

02:18 Hunt, Tudge and Sukkar's contempt (along with Hinch and Latham)
12:28 Brandis doesn't grasp the difference between sharing your information, and having it taken
15:10 Grenfell here: more likely to die from dangerous towers due to inadequate regulation
21:10 LNP and News Corp working hand in hand to (misleadingly and unfairly) bash the very poor
24:30 Finkel and LET: Malcolm's headache
27:00 Insane citizenship testing
31:58 Some compensation to victims of Manus Island regime
35:54 New powers for Peter Dutton, cartoonish super villain
41:25 "Fixing" native title for Adani
42:20 Gallery hacks offended at the leaking of Trumble joking about Trump

Episode 24 - Does Brandis Ever Get Anything Right? (feat guest host Brandon Selic)

1:10 Murder in Brighton; stupidity and dishonesty in Canberra
21:21 Stuck In My Craw (Denise Pirko) - the oblivious use of abusive language for maligned people
27:24 Born after 1966? No retirement for you
37:22 Centrelink - trying to get through, and trying to make any sense of the system when you do
43:07 News Corp tantrum over GetUp! member on Press Council board
48:11 Liberals inviting Margaret Court to fundraising event
52:53 Australia vs the parts of humanity that don't want to be consumed in nuclear fire
59:36 Trying to bring it all together

Episode 23 - Spite and Bloody-mindedness (feat guest host Denise Pirko)

01:10 Treaty not fluff
05:32 The actual Uluru Statement of the Heart
12:18 Racist macho bullshit - Tony Abbott & One Nation want you to think, although it's not true, that refugees increase the risk of terrorism; Barnaby has a new pitch for the ADF; Barnaby has noticed a much stronger link between terrorists
24:20 NSW has a plan to tackle housing affordability that the Premier herself says won't work
31:45 "Welfare" drug testing - revelations from Estimates; politics of spite
38:54 Public facilities shouldn't be named after people who fight for the law to discriminate against fellow citizens
44:43 What's stuck in Greg Jericho's claw - polling on policy
51:05 Australia vs Humanity - forcing LGBTI refugees to countries that oppress them; Dutton's office as arrogant as you'd expect