Episode 58 - A $144bn giveaway to the rich you'll have to pay for (feat Denise Pirko)

$144bn of tax cuts, the vast majority to go to the rich, and with the media not bothering to ask the government what precisely they're going to slash to pay for it (other than squeezing $240m from uni graduates on less than the median income) - a bumper discussion on everything to do with this devastating week for the future of our country. 

Featuring the Turnbull government and their
*Shameless nonsense about "aspiration" 
*lies about "bracket creep"
*fake charity
*profound, arrogant contempt for ordinary people working hard but on little remuneration.

And some thoughts on how to fight it.

Episode 57 - Chilling Effects

00:01:00 the stupidity and chilling effect of the Gerry Harvey tariff
00:06:43 150m exclusion zone around NSW abortion clinics not chilling at all
00:08:27 "foreign interference" laws' chilling effect on oversight of security services
00:11:33 s44 is stupid and needs fixing. Chilling.
00:13:46 NSW chillingly contemplating giving corporations the right to sue for defamation
00:18:13 seniors predominantly conservative bc poverty kills the rest, such as during winter chills
00:19:16 NEG debate within the coalition - no chill at all
00:24:05 Striking BoM staff predict a big chill... in their ability to survive a five year pay freeze.

Episode 56 - Leaking With Prejudice

01:21 Not going to talk about Barnaby, Michaelia, Pauline
04:40 ...although Burston supporting the LNP's corporate tax cuts is a worry
09:11 LNP abolishing the family court
15:00 Public service can now leak your private information to save their political masters embarrassment if you criticise them
20:18 A third of robodebt appeals reveal debt not owed
22:24 minimum wage raised; retail association complains
23:50 shitty things retail sector is up to - franchisors, payday lending
27:05 Sheep
29:18 Australia vs Humanity: refugee dies, department leaks to smear him before even telling his wife he's dead
30:18 4 year hole in safety net for migrants: it hurts all of us
32:02 School chaplains - both sides admit they proselytise
33:29 Vic parliament affirms "advancement of religion" as charity, even though it's clearly not