Episode 89 - Think of the Grandparents (feat Brandon Selic and Denise Pirko)

00:02:15 WinX captures the shameless bullshit of Scummo's redefinition of "a fair go"

00:05:07 Scummo's why work if you pay tax

00:07:50 Scummo's warning against adequate wages

00:26:12 dOnAtInG to Notre Dame

00:31:33 Frydenberg still screaming about his fictional "retiree tax"

00:41:17 Scummo's mob telling dumb lies about electric vehicles and "taking tradies utes"

00:46:16 Vanstone's generational war THINK OF HOW EASY YOUR GRANDPARENTS HAD IT WITH THEIR AFFORDABLE HOUSES AND JOB SECURITY and how much she hated having to provide social security to poor people when social security minister

00:54:18 Won't anyone think of the conservators? Chris Kenny beclowns himself again

00:58:59 Scummo presents parliament with his impression of some recent character work from a Mr Baron Cohen, a not at all racist caricature of what was until very recently the only nation that could launch a person into space, Kazakhstan

01:00:40 Scummo bu shi hen hao at all

Episode 88 - Once Was Safety Net (feat Lyndsey Jackson and Ella Buckland)

As the 2019 election campaign becomes official, Lyndsey (from EFA and the #notmydebt campaign) and Ella (prominent campaigner against the cruelty that is ParentsNext) and Jeremy have a wide-ranging discussion about where things sit with RoboDebt, ParentsNext, the NDIS and the social security safety net in general, and what we can hope for depending on the makeup of the next parliament. Some cats also participate.

(This was our first three-person episode, so there are some technical issues we've got ideas for addressing in the next one.)

Episode 86 - On the record, Sam (feat Tom Ballard)

00:02:43 Christchurch, and Tom's discussion with Samah Sabawi this week

00:04:10 Blot, Dutton, Scummo totally not whipping up hatred against muslims

00:17:43 LNP response to Christchurch

00:18:42 Scummo's embarrassing day at the mic

00:24:49 What Dumb Shit Has LNP Senator Linda Reynold Said Now

00:40:23 What is stuck in Tim's Craw

Somewhere in there we did discuss the NSW state election tomorrow, sort of, but look is anyone listening to this podcast in any danger of voting for the NSW ALP, let alone the Libs? You know the Libs have flogged off $70bn of public assets, and are busy wrecking the hospital system. Clearly they need to go. Maybe throw your vote to a party that cares about public services, then preference the ALP, and put the hideous Libs and even crazier far-right parties last. Good luck negotiating that ridiculous giant ballot paper! We'll be thinking of you.