WMWS first anniversary feedback thread

Technically the first anniversary was last month, but it's probably worth at this point having a bit of a review, bit of an opportunity for listener feedback, things we're getting right and you'd like more of, things we're getting wrong and you'd like less of (but, you know, expressed diplomatically please), things you'd like to hear, guests you'd like us to approach and so on. Do you like the bonus episodes? Does having a more regular commentary make up for the audio quality when Jeremy  records in his car? Should we have specific rewards for Patreon subscribers or are you happy just helping to keep the podcast going? (We'd still like to get to the level where we can actually pay guests something non-insulting.)

We love our Well May We Say community, and - at this transitional stage, as we move back to a more regular structure after a few somewhat chaotic months due to baby-related issues - we'd love to hear how you're feeling about it all.

WMWS: Thoughts on the Road 02 - "Sometimes when a boat arrives, it actually doesn't"

Bonus on the road episode where Jeremy responds to
- ABF admitting all that nonsense about stopping boats is a lie, and then go with some trippy philosophical speculation about Schrodiner's boats
- Government gives indigenous Australians a giant middle finger as it chucks the Uluru statement in the bin
- Michaelia Cash's slipup isn't just about media revealing sources; it's about the AFP being far too close with the government
- And oh yeah that thing about the Deputy PM being ineligible to sit.

Episode 38 - The Well May We Say Effect (feat Denise Pirko)

NOT featured in this episode, because we recorded on Wednesday: *Barnaby not being eligible* *The government on the brink* *Cash being caught using the AFP to attack the unions* *the government FU to indigenous people* *Border Force admits it was lying and they never stopped boats*

Yeah, we're going to have to do another. 

Well, in this one we had an excellent Stuck In My Craw from Tom Ballard; a bumper Australia vs Humanity in particular on what the hell we're doing to our victims on Manus Island, but also the apparently not satirical news that Australia's won a seat on the UN human rights council; and we discussed the Libs' NEG energy "policy", and what shouldn't be a surprise, further research confirming LGBTI parents raise kids just as well as everyone else.