Episode 38 - The Well May We Say Effect (feat Denise Pirko)

NOT featured in this episode, because we recorded on Wednesday: *Barnaby not being eligible* *The government on the brink* *Cash being caught using the AFP to attack the unions* *the government FU to indigenous people* *Border Force admits it was lying and they never stopped boats*

Yeah, we're going to have to do another. 

Well, in this one we had an excellent Stuck In My Craw from Tom Ballard; a bumper Australia vs Humanity in particular on what the hell we're doing to our victims on Manus Island, but also the apparently not satirical news that Australia's won a seat on the UN human rights council; and we discussed the Libs' NEG energy "policy", and what shouldn't be a surprise, further research confirming LGBTI parents raise kids just as well as everyone else.