Episode 06 - Clown Counsel Has A Deal For You (feat. Ella Webb & a slightly dodgy mic)

Ella Webb joins Jeremy for our sixth episode. George Brandis refuses to answer questions, including

  • did you tell the Solicitor General to run dead on WA's attempt to gazump $300m from the rest of us?
  • did you deliberately sabotage Ella's mic?* and
  • do you support the use of the word gazump?

Also - Malcolm passes some legislation he can pretend is the same as what he said he'd pass; those desperate for the Liberals to succeed pronounce it a "win". Jeremy has some suggestions for how Labor should play this but they're not returning his calls. Brave young Australians protest for refugees, which is clearly an affront to democracy. You won't believe what Australia has been up to in Australia vs Humanity. And Tom Ballard returns to tell us what's stuck in his craw, which leads to a discussion of SBS's "First Contact" and the War on Invasion Day.

*We do apologise for the issues with Ella's mic. It has been ritually burned.