After Pure Poison, and Something Wonky...

We tried to let it go. We really did.

But ending those podcasts didn't fix the problem. It wasn't us after all! Australia is still fighting hard against humanity. Every day we see stories of the powerful working to crush the powerless, to entrench their power, to abuse the marginalised.

So we thought - there's currently a bit of a SomethingWonky-shaped hole in the Australian political landscape, and we know just how to fill it: with a new podcast where we explore the week's political developments with knowledgeable and entertaining guests.

We might not go quite as long as SomethingWonky used to. We may not hit quite as many stories. But instead we will try to address things looking at how did it come to this, and where is it likely to go next, and what can be done about it (and by whom)? In about an hour of your time (less if you don't mind playing it at 1.5x and Jeremy sounding like Alvin on Ice).