WMWS bonus episode: Thoughts on the Road 03 - S44 Is Not Progressive

While this week's proper episode recording waits for the result tomorrow on the national survey into what percentage of Australian voters in 2017 are bigoted dickheads (here's hoping Australia doesn't beclown itself, but its record recently hasn't been good), here's another episode of "Jeremy Rants In His Car" to offend audiophiles and contribute some thoughts on the little-explored issue of an obscure section of the constitution people rarely think about these days, section 44. TL;DR - stop thinking s44 is okay just because it's currently giving this awful government a headache. It's still a problem.

WARNING: like the other "thoughts on the road" bonus episodes, this is recorded on a phone. It is not the usual audio quality of the proper episodes. Also you'll hear some indicator clicking noises at various times. And the occasional baby gurgle.