Episode 42 - Looking For Good News (feat Denise Pirko)

(Recorded Wednesday night)

01:30 Why Rodney was busy
03:30 Australian government trying to permanently deprive a daughter of her father - on Nauru, so it doesn't bother the ACL
05:43 We remember 2004
18:05 When you can only develop empathy when you know a person affected personally
19:10 Alex Lum's stuck in my craw - the out of context "they voted with X" smear
24:20 ALP preferring to fight the Greens in lefty seats than the Liberals in marginal seats like Sukkar's
26:45 Vic govt passes euthanasia laws
27:04 Vic police vs Milo
28:53 Trans kids no longer need to go to court
29:24 Victory over Streets, so Splices aren't a problem any more
30:22 Malcolm's banking royal commission vs industry super funds
30:57 Hunt considering taking endometriosis seriously
33:07 Liberals lose in Queensland; Triple J moves Hottest 100 from Australia day; Mitch Fifield seizes on chance to distract from debacle of NBN halting rollout
35:39 When you think proposals to change the status quo are "political", but that the status quo itself isn't
37:13 "What can I do that will make the lefties that I know the angriest"