Episode 12 - Trumble's tumble (feat Guest Host Corrine)

Jeremy is joined by Guest Host Corrine to discuss the ridiculousness of clean coal, and of course Trumble's terrible terrible week. Greg Jericho returns to tell us what's stuck in his craw.

00:51 Jeremy does a very long intro
03:51 Malcolm's no good very bad week
08:00 Australia vs the US ("dumb deals" and the TPP)
19:30 Is It On and if not How Soon Will It Be On?
22:40 the ludicrousness of "clean coal"/how to counter nonsense about the RET
45:07 Australia vs Humanity (what will happen to our refugees? How could we possibly endanger a pregnant refugee just to avoid the rule of law? Also why do we have to be such jerks about invasion day?)
59:41 What is "reform" anyway, asks Greg Jericho as he pries his craw free.

UPDATE: Turns out that, according to Snopes, the Arkansas law doesn't allow rapists (at least those who've actually been found guilty in a criminal court of rape, which of course doesn't mean all of them) to "sue" to stop abortions. But it does allow spouses and families to stop women using the safest method. And prosecutes doctors. Thereby endangering women. But technically a convicted rapist couldn't stop all methods of abortion, so Snopes records it as "false".