Episode 16 - Racist is the cruellest word (feat Tom Ballard)

Jeremy is joined by Tom Ballard to discuss QUITE A WEEK

01:25 De Mortuis Nisi Nil Bonum (Finally Bill Leak Is Stopped By The Icy Hand Of Death)
05:24 What Could You See From The Q&A Desk, Tom?
17:38 Fifty Shades of Bill Leak (Daisy Cousens) (Music "Sad Day" by www.bensound.com)
28:47 Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory
33:32 Bad week for the right - WA and Netherlands
38:08 Energy - SA, Elon Musk and batteries; Malcolm and his "Snowy 2.0"
41:20 Coopers, the Bible Society, and "light" conversations about the law discriminating against LGBTI people
54:40 The ACTU's Sally McManus wants to destroy all laws in Australia and usher in an era of anarchy and people eating the rich
01:01:25 Stuck in my Craw - Karl Fitzgerald returns to address "unlocking super" to break housing; and rent control

Michael Pascoe's piece about the disconnect between wages and profits that Tom referred to.