Episode 26 - Another Department Gone Rogue (feat Lyndsey Jackson)

(We apologise for the parts where Lyndsey's mic created some noise)

01:06 Robodebt/Notmydebt inquiry comes down
03:20 Another department goes rogue & declares war on the people it deals with
05:28 Another department that crushes whistleblowers
08:50 Another department burning institutional knowledge
15:25 Another department announcing figures it can't explain
18:17 Another department claiming it's too hard to do basic things (in this case, calculate how much they overstated debts)
20:17 Is Centrelink's plan to discourage anyone who can avoid it from dealing with it?
28:49 Other new awful changes to social security: doubling the time someone has to wait for Centrelink if any liquid assets (ie any buffer)
33:05 Lib response "it was political" as if there's something else they do in parliament beyond political things
35:31 Porter contemplating idea that social security not so much a transfer from rich to poor
38:30 Admitting that drug tests haven't worked overseas, but refusing to back down.
38:56 What's wrong with "welfare cards"? And is the drug trial actually an attempt to justify them?
44:58 The fraud of the NT intervention (New Matilda article referred to: https://newmatilda.com/2017/06/28/a-decade-on-the-fraud-of-the-nt-intervention-is-exposed/)
51:47 Pyne vs Abbott and LNP far-right
58:10 Greens vs Rhiannon
01:15:46 Stuck in my Craw - Denise Pirko (content warning: discussion of failures of criminal law addressing recent rape cases)
01:32:13 Australia vs Humanity - shutting down Manus wasn't meant to just mean turning off the lights and leaving refugees in the dark. But that's what's happening.