Episode 33 - When Bad Governments Panic (feat Cam Smith)

Cam Smith from Gather Around Me joins Jeremy to discuss

01:25 Does winding back negative gearing or family trust rorts really feel all that much like East Germany, really Matthias?
03:47 reductio ad absurdem: any kind of tax increase is "socialism".
04:24 if you must broadcast Lyle Shelton constantly bloody do better at pinning down what he's saying
24:31 drug testing - it's this month's way for right-wingers to get their jollies in kicking the poor
32:56 Tony's not feeling up to work today
40:48 Australia vs humanity: starving some very poor refugees in the community here, and the Daily Telegraph lying about it; PNG telling Australia they can't stay there; Nauru stopping refugees getting medical treatment; ACT welcomes them
52:07 Canavan and Roberts in the High Court with shiny new stories
56:24 more stupid statue nonsense