Episode 36 - There Can Be Only One (feat Denise Pirko)

01:28 The especially forgetful ineligible senator; battling former and current solicitors general
16:57 family law review
22:05 space! (although after we recorded we learned that the Australian govt is mainly interested in it to persecute refugees)
25:10 Texts vs Robocalls; Freedom of speech vs Macklemores; Paul Kelly and John Howard demand specifics of religious privilege powers, but not too much bc actually they don't really want us to know what they are.
55:43 Australia Vs Humanity - a tiny % of refugees in Manus/Nauru to go to the US, govt wants praise; meanwhile trying to pay Rohingyans to return to Myanmar
01:07:04 Stuck in My Craw - rental anxiety (Ella Webb)