Episode 34 - An urgent message for "Yes" (feat guest host Denise Pirko)

A thoroughly devastating week in Australian politics, and we're only up for discussing the awful consequences of the High Court's decision on Thursday, what it means, and what the hell the Yes side needs to do about it.

Also in a fortnight of crazed anti-vaxxer antics, Dutton briefly does something right. And then a lot wrong.

01:26 A terrible day, a depressing week
03:40 A pyrrhic victory as the executive gains the ability to do whatever it likes whether parliament approves or not
08:55 What hideous "religious protections" are they going to gain to make life worse for LGBTI people?
09:28 John Howard rises from the crypt to reveal what the "no" side is fighting for: maintaining the "authority" of their religion over the rest of us
11:35 The "Yes" side needs to resist being boxed into the corner of pretending equality for LGBTI people is just about marriage - if we let them push us into denying we want full equality, and into insisting all we want is marriage, then that's all we'll get, and we'll go backwards elsewhere
14:20 Everything the "No" side is fighting against and fighting for
21:44 Come on, "Yes" side, OWN THAT YOU WANT FULL EQUALITY. Don't act like it's something you're ashamed to stand for.
24:56 What if we end up with a "yes" vote win, but a dodgy "SSM" bill with new discriminatory powers that make life worse for LGBTI people.
29:30 We weren't even ever offered a real plebiscite; also, people are selling their surveys.
30:30 What else we can do to help
33:31 Dutton's brief moment
39:17 But remember, still the worst person in Australia