Episode 46 - The Last Refuge of Scoundrels (feat Ben Pobjie)

00:01:30 Look over there while Trumble's mob try to ram through huge corporate tax cuts
00:03:07 The TPP is back, cunningly disguised by calling it "TPP11"
00:12:00 Changing minds
00:22:45 Ginger's Stuck in my Craw - Cory declares war on musicians people love
00:25:04 Are the right fired up about #changethedate because the LNP needs a distraction, or are they really afraid it's going the way of marriage equality and there's been a shift? 
00:29:18 Seven's Summer of Nazis
00:30:39 A reconciliation commission?
00:34:16 Dumb arguments for Jan 26, feat "the world today would be different if we changed history"
00:45:04 The empathy gap
00:50:00 Seeing the problems in what we once liked
00:57:38 Australia Vs Humanity, or does Australia deserve celebrating at all? Refugee told by ABF that if she has the necessary heart operation, she has to leave her son on Nauru; Stateless man held for 8 years and counting; 48 refugees leave PNG for the US, 130 to leave Nauru, 2000 remain. Dutton vs NZ; Dutton concealing contracts from Senate.