Episode 50 - The Annals of History (feat Denise Pirko)

00:01:05 Crashy McCrashyface
00:02:03 Ludlum's reflections on life as a parliamentarian
00:05:25 What're we getting for our generous ongoing investment in Mark Latham
00:07:25 ABC vs government pressure update
00:10:08 You don't need that internet speed, but Malcolm does
00:11:10 Fairfax printing some pretty silly stuff from the Federal Libs about Victoria
00:13:00 The Oz vs Alex Bhathal
00:17:20 Barnabye
00:19:29 New Deputy PM Michael McCormack - has he been rehabilitated?
00:33:13 Michaelia Cash wants to shame female staffers
00:33:37 Ginger's Stuck In My Craw
00:40:15 Julie's Shrodinger's Boyfriend
00:45:06 I pledge to thee my Dutton
00:47:12 Landy's annals of history
00:47:54 MakeRentingFair.org