Episode 53 - The Reverse Ratchet (feat Kristin O'Connell)

00:01:17 the corporate tax cuts (like the TPP) are back from the dead - and now Pauline Hanson is voting for them
00:04:30 the dishonest campaign against the ALP's decision to remove the Liberals' "Retiree tax" (ie the one where you pay tax to give cash handouts to rich retirees, that Labor wants to stop)
00:10:21 The Reverse Ratchet (when the Libs lose money to tax cuts for the rich, that's when you spend money on popular public services; when the Libs try to grab back cash by starving the poor, that's when you propose instead improving the budget by ending tax rorts for the rich.)
00:20:10 Batman and where to for the Greens
00:48:49 Listener Tim on the SA result
00:51:43 The Herald Sun vs Daniel Andrews
01:10:39 Australia Vs Humanity
01:22:51 Happy thought