Episode 60 - "Australia, you've been very naughty" (feat Denise Pirko)

02:07 Fraser Anning shames the 19 people who voted for him
11:48 Sky Nazis
12:50 Christopher Pyne is happy to pretend to be afraid of "African gangs", just give him a second take
16:16 Victorian government fascistly refuses to promote network that features fascists, which is totally fascism.
19:19 Jeremy already didn't like Mark Knight's witless cartoons
26:26 A WA cartoonist produces something even more racist than the Knight cartoon
29:40 Andrew Bolt wants everyone to assimilate, which is why he's going to move away from the ghetto of rich white people in which he lives and go and live with poor refugees.
35:20 We're bullying refugee kids into catatonia
39:00 Heat poverty
41:48 Vic govt finally puts out bill improving tenants' rights, prompting a campaign against it by land rats.