Episode 84 - Bubble Warning (feat Corrine)

00:01:58 Scummo's international women's day message

00:07:01 Andrew Broad's message on women in parliament

00:09:00 Scummo's irresponsible use of the word "bubble" and the harm it does when children are present

00:12:00 Scummo and Angus Taylor try to fudge latest emissions figures

00:20:20 Nats leader Michael McCormack warns us of what action on climate change will do to night footy

00:28:14 Matthias Cormann accidentally points out that low wages are a "feature" of the LNP's economic policy

00:31:36 LNP senator Linda Reynolds's spectacular instant backtrack after finding out she's contradicting Cormann not Shorten

00:35:00 Tony Abbott uses twitter to boost his opponent

00:36:16 Mark Latham reveals that he finds accurate but critical words oppressive

00:38:20 Nats leader Michael McCormack reveals he always puts miners ahead of farmers

00:44:02 Scummo still spouting lies about beds and houses being taken by refugees

00:48:10 Julian Burnside for Kooyong - some revcealing commentary by Ben Fordham and Peter Dutton