Episode 94 - Screwed by Scummo (feat Denise Pirko)

00:01:07 Albo's ascension (remember him? See episode 59)

00:06:15 Better approaches to what happened in the campaign; $387bn out of your pocket; the 95% Giant Mortgage policy and The Party of Debt

00:21:08 Bowen tries to apologise to ACL types; ACL reveals that it's not interested in "christian policy"

00:30:50 Nick Carr tells us what's stuck in his craw

00:34:50 How to get people to vote against the policies they actually like (tl;dr - drive them to the edge, and then frighten them)

00:40:38 "News.com.au is very left wing"

00:44:30 ALP approaches going forward (tl;dr - frame immediately the cost of living pressures coming from Scummo, starting with power prices jumping immediately the Libs were returned)

00:57:19 Bipartisan legislation to stop people impersonating the AEC - also reminding people that the Libs didn't just lie, they cheated