Episode 91 - Redistribution

01:27 Losing candidates

04:59 Social media pasts

08:46 Climate costing


13:11 Pity the ALP won't defend it

16:39 If the ALP won't, then point out the redistribution upwards happening under the LNP

18:00 730 overly sympathetic to Frankenboomers - or were they?

24:55 childcare, or as Dan Tehan calls it, communism

27:21 Bill Shorten being an absolute d*ckhead and endorsing turnbacks

29:00 Working through the hideous Victorian senate ballot paper

34:23 Clive "you can make a lot of money if you don't pay your workers" Palmer

35:10 Pauline "why are all the racist grifters I nominate bad men" Hanson

39:36 Scummo embarrassing himself

40:55 Mark Latham being worse

42:15 But Sky is getting worried.