Episode 97 - A Lovely Antidote (feat Tom Ballard)

00:02:29 Ratchet time - it's the squandering billions on tax cuts phase and both big parties are here to vote for them!

00:06:58 Interlude: Labor gives up on NewStart

00:10:58 Splitting off the even more absurd tax cuts

00:14:58 "Politics Of Envy"

00:26:57 Israel Bloody Folau and the pitch for a new Religious Privilege

00:46:00 Post hoc ergo propter hoc, Lyle Shelton, and the end of the "Australian Conservatives"

00:48:00 Pyne's new job

00:50:49 Trump praising our cruelty to refugees; Scammo Telling China And The US What For

00:54:00 War In Iran?!?!

01:00:54 Australia Vs Humanity - refugee in Manus to be charged with attempting suicide

01:05:27 Tom's Happy Thought