Episode 17 - Believe Me, This Episode Has Some Good News In It (feat guest host Damien O'Meara)

Jeremy is joined by Damien O'Meara to discuss things Malcolm would rather just went away

14:00 18C seriously it's back
24:00 The PM praising Leak at his memorial and calling him a "uniter"
32:21 Marriage Equality
32:35 postal plebiscite
39:37 "Marriage Equality" not "same sex marriage" or "gay marriage"
52:45 It's about equality before the law, not marriage
55:26 Dutton: "stick to your knitting"
1:00:19 "Gender X" VCAL option and the Herald Sun's vicious attack on trans people

Australia vs Humanity
01:12:07 Don Dale
01:17:20 "denying people smugglers a product"
01:33:19 World Meteorological Organisation: climate out of control

Good News Corner
01:35:20 Abortion rights in the NT

And Tom Ballard returns to tell us what's
01:39:09 Stuck In My (his) Craw - the remaining states where the "gay panic" defence is still in place

Episode 16 - Racist is the cruellest word (feat Tom Ballard)

Jeremy is joined by Tom Ballard to discuss QUITE A WEEK

01:25 De Mortuis Nisi Nil Bonum (Finally Bill Leak Is Stopped By The Icy Hand Of Death)
05:24 What Could You See From The Q&A Desk, Tom?
17:38 Fifty Shades of Bill Leak (Daisy Cousens) (Music "Sad Day" by www.bensound.com)
28:47 Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory
33:32 Bad week for the right - WA and Netherlands
38:08 Energy - SA, Elon Musk and batteries; Malcolm and his "Snowy 2.0"
41:20 Coopers, the Bible Society, and "light" conversations about the law discriminating against LGBTI people
54:40 The ACTU's Sally McManus wants to destroy all laws in Australia and usher in an era of anarchy and people eating the rich
01:01:25 Stuck in my Craw - Karl Fitzgerald returns to address "unlocking super" to break housing; and rent control

Michael Pascoe's piece about the disconnect between wages and profits that Tom referred to.

Episode 15 - Get Angry About Housing (feat Karl Fitzgerald) 

Jeremy is joined by Karl Fitzgerald from the Renegade Economists radio show/podcast, and the man behind the recent research into vacancy rates that explodes the government's "it's a problem of supply" lie. And Cam Smith from Gather Around Me returns to tell us what's stuck in his craw.

Karl's Links:


01:16 Vacancy rates - the problem is not supply
04:20 How did the housing disaster happen in the first place
08:22 Ways to tackle it?
09:28 The Victorian government's largely terrible ideas #1 - first home buyer's grant to wreck regional areas
11:45 How do we get government to realise how terrible these grants are? This "policy fraud"?
13:47 Terrible idea #2 - stamp duty exemption
17:02 Idea #3 - releasing more land. Surely that's got to be good, right?
19:00 But the developers *don't* release the land. They drip-feed the land to maximise prices.
20:20 "Use it or lose it" clauses?
22:20 Make developers contribute to infrastructure
22:50 developers cutting corners and creating long-term problems - and regulators letting them
30:14 Idea #4 - penalties for those who keep land vacant? And are they going to use an effective measure for assessing this?
33:00 Tenants unable to enforce rights
35:03 How about improving tenants' rights compared with landlords'? Both addresses the victims of the current situation, and discourages the making of more in future.
37:00 corrupt monopolies and monopoly rents
40:12 inefficient taxes
41:00 land taxes as a solution? No, seriously - land taxes as a solution
42:39 how the Libs wrecking the NBN has made housing worse
43:40 the damage of 30 years of privatisation
44:15 reining in negative gearing
45:58 cost of land price growth
46:15 land taxes. Recommended by economists.
50:55 increase CGT?
51:52 another point about land taxes.
53:56 how could you get a land tax through politically?
58:05 an intermediate step, more effectively penalising land banking?
01:00:34 the victims of the status quo
01:01:43 the media unwilling to stand up to the property lobby
01:04:34 Cory's terrible ideas
01:06:14 reining in family trusts?
01:06:48 inheritance taxes
01:07:29 How to lobby the Andrews government to more effectively rein in land banking
01:09:58 the stupid argument that cutting negative gearing would push up rents
01:16:17 Michaelia Cash and having to rely for change on MPs with huge investment portfolios
01:22:54 Other stories from the week: Hanson damaging WA Libs; Brandis "cannot recall"; Libs doubling down on the insane Centrelink robodebts and breaching privacy of citizens; ACL vs Rainbow Flags
01:34:05 Australia Vs Humanity
01:38:10 Stuck in my Craw (Cam Smith)

Episode 14 - A Wide-Ranging Discussion (feat Guest Host Cam Smith)

A wide-ranging (code for a bit all over the place) discussion about what's going on.

00:53 Introducing Cam Smith from Gather Around Me (and his making fun of absurd conspiracies podcast)
03:55 Eric Abetz is worried about rainbow flags
04:50 Trying to listen to right-wing podcasts
05:28 George Christensen drops whip role because irony
06:47 Sky "News Agenda" tries to ambush Bob Carr on Netanyahu and it backfires
07:30 Matthias Cormann seems to have missed something obvious
09:10 Tony's five-point-plan of terrible ideas: inaction on climate
11:00 Cory is lonely
12:05 Malcolm and nonsense about opinion polls
13:30 Cam thinks maybe standards in parliament used to be higher
17:45 Morrison or Dutton, we know it's lose-lose, but if you had to choose
18:41 Interjection: how is there a national tenancy database with barely any oversight?
19:50 Morrison or Dutton: world's worst episode of Perfect Match continues
21:00 Tony's terrible ideas for immigration and housing
21:54 Penalty Rates
22:20 Interjection: "Jobs and Growth" defined
24:42 Penalty rates - businesses dodging them; ALP could pick better representative
29:05 Penalty rates - weekend loading vs higher wages
33:46 Increase wages vs house prices
35:30 Centrelink betraying Australians' private information to punish them
45:50 The Lib who wants even longer between elections (fixed four-year terms)
49:10 AUSTRALIA VS HUMANITY - people as fleas, deporting a doctor for having an autistic child. Australia on human rights council
01:12:30 STUCK IN MY CRAW - Denise Pirko - telling young people that housing's quite doable, if they sacrifice more