Episode 23 - Spite and Bloody-mindedness (feat guest host Denise Pirko)

01:10 Treaty not fluff
05:32 The actual Uluru Statement of the Heart
12:18 Racist macho bullshit - Tony Abbott & One Nation want you to think, although it's not true, that refugees increase the risk of terrorism; Barnaby has a new pitch for the ADF; Barnaby has noticed a much stronger link between terrorists
24:20 NSW has a plan to tackle housing affordability that the Premier herself says won't work
31:45 "Welfare" drug testing - revelations from Estimates; politics of spite
38:54 Public facilities shouldn't be named after people who fight for the law to discriminate against fellow citizens
44:43 What's stuck in Greg Jericho's claw - polling on policy
51:05 Australia vs Humanity - forcing LGBTI refugees to countries that oppress them; Dutton's office as arrogant as you'd expect

Episode 21 - Stop Pretending The Budget Wasn't Monstrous (feat guest host Denise Pirko)

01:22 Budget 2017 episode
01:49 It's not a "Labor Light" or "fair" budget
03:40 company tax cut up $15bn
07:50 making the lives of the very poor much worse
15:19 drug testing, at unspecified cost, the very poor
16:00 kicking people off DSP if they can blame past drug use
16:30 #ScattMorrison
22:27 the politics of spite
26:30 50% of Australian adults on $40k or less
29:30 grinding poor graduates into poverty
32:38 Hack media propaganda "Hip to be Fair"
36:40 Shazam This Code To Sing Along With ScoMo
40:35 The budget's selling points, according to the Daily Tele
41:05 the banks
42:37 How pissweak is ScoMo's response to the housing affordability crisis? So pissweak that the real estate lobby haven't complained
52:38 Stuck in my Craw - NSW refuses to decriminalise abortion;
56:10 Australia vs Humanity - 25 years of mandatory detention, and how it happened
01:02:08 ALP response live
01:05:54 fundamentalist christian homophobic extremists armed with pies

Episode 20 - A shaggy dog podcast (feat guest host Denise Pirko)

A difficult week for tying a podcast together neatly. A bad week for tying a podcast together neatly. But Jeremy and guest host Denise give it a red-hot go.

02:28 Look admittedly this bit lacked structure, because there's no real way of tying these things together: 457s and the arts; 457s being inadequately racist for some English immigrants' tastes; tiny bump for Malcolm's nationalism; work for the dole a terrible policy, but "red meat for conservatives"; AFP accessing journalists' metadata without warrant; The Oz trying to sell Trump to Australians; "Save our Super" vs Kelly O'Dwyer; and oh yes we were threatened with a nuclear strike this week.
30:30 Apparently the ANZACs fought to silence criticism of government policy? Particularly by Aboriginal Australians like Katrina Ngaitlyala Power or muslim Australians like Yassmin Abdel-Magied.
55:55 Housing developments including rent bidding, Serco maybe running public housing in NSW, Grace Collier has some very silly things to say (and access to a very silly paper which will publish them) and Jeremy has an idea to tackle affordability whilst also protecting people
01:19:52 Stuck In My Craw - "Hydro" and coal - Corrine
01:23:00 Oops we forgot Australia vs Humanity - Dutton Won't Apologise But Would Like An Apology Himself


Episode 19 - The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel (feat guest host Corrine)

Jeremy is joined by Corrine, returning from episode 12 to discuss Malcolm's nationalist distraction, energy, and housing. And then, before we even get to Erin Riley's stuck in my craw, we have bonus returning former guest hosts, Denise Pirko (to discuss 457s) and Karl Fitzgerald (to discuss even more depressing developments in the housing disaster).

01:40 In the bin: NSW scraps safe schools based on nonsense furphy that it replaced anti-bullying programs; sending the APS to the remote country; the "national tragedy" of what the Libs did to the NBN; a terrible time for journos at Fairfax and photographers/subeditors at News; the Victorian Opposition's idiotic mandatory sentencing plan to endanger us all at great expense; half Centrelink cases sent to private debt collectors; One third of Australians underpaid superannatuion.
08:00 People being harmed by Turnbull's 457 changes - featuring guest appearance by Canaustralian Denise Pirko
12:44 Citizenship lunacy
23:39 Energy policy - the gas pipeline
29:47 Housing affordability - starting with Karl Fitzgerald on what's been happening
50:56 Australia Vs Humanity - Refugees on Manus Island shot at; smeared by Dutton; stones thrown at them by guards...
01:00:25 Stuck In My Craw - Erin Riley