Episode 20 - A shaggy dog podcast (feat guest host Denise Pirko)

A difficult week for tying a podcast together neatly. A bad week for tying a podcast together neatly. But Jeremy and guest host Denise give it a red-hot go.

02:28 Look admittedly this bit lacked structure, because there's no real way of tying these things together: 457s and the arts; 457s being inadequately racist for some English immigrants' tastes; tiny bump for Malcolm's nationalism; work for the dole a terrible policy, but "red meat for conservatives"; AFP accessing journalists' metadata without warrant; The Oz trying to sell Trump to Australians; "Save our Super" vs Kelly O'Dwyer; and oh yes we were threatened with a nuclear strike this week.
30:30 Apparently the ANZACs fought to silence criticism of government policy? Particularly by Aboriginal Australians like Katrina Ngaitlyala Power or muslim Australians like Yassmin Abdel-Magied.
55:55 Housing developments including rent bidding, Serco maybe running public housing in NSW, Grace Collier has some very silly things to say (and access to a very silly paper which will publish them) and Jeremy has an idea to tackle affordability whilst also protecting people
01:19:52 Stuck In My Craw - "Hydro" and coal - Corrine
01:23:00 Oops we forgot Australia vs Humanity - Dutton Won't Apologise But Would Like An Apology Himself