Episode 21 - Stop Pretending The Budget Wasn't Monstrous (feat guest host Denise Pirko)

01:22 Budget 2017 episode
01:49 It's not a "Labor Light" or "fair" budget
03:40 company tax cut up $15bn
07:50 making the lives of the very poor much worse
15:19 drug testing, at unspecified cost, the very poor
16:00 kicking people off DSP if they can blame past drug use
16:30 #ScattMorrison
22:27 the politics of spite
26:30 50% of Australian adults on $40k or less
29:30 grinding poor graduates into poverty
32:38 Hack media propaganda "Hip to be Fair"
36:40 Shazam This Code To Sing Along With ScoMo
40:35 The budget's selling points, according to the Daily Tele
41:05 the banks
42:37 How pissweak is ScoMo's response to the housing affordability crisis? So pissweak that the real estate lobby haven't complained
52:38 Stuck in my Craw - NSW refuses to decriminalise abortion;
56:10 Australia vs Humanity - 25 years of mandatory detention, and how it happened
01:02:08 ALP response live
01:05:54 fundamentalist christian homophobic extremists armed with pies