Episode 38 - The Well May We Say Effect (feat Denise Pirko)

NOT featured in this episode, because we recorded on Wednesday: *Barnaby not being eligible* *The government on the brink* *Cash being caught using the AFP to attack the unions* *the government FU to indigenous people* *Border Force admits it was lying and they never stopped boats*

Yeah, we're going to have to do another. 

Well, in this one we had an excellent Stuck In My Craw from Tom Ballard; a bumper Australia vs Humanity in particular on what the hell we're doing to our victims on Manus Island, but also the apparently not satirical news that Australia's won a seat on the UN human rights council; and we discussed the Libs' NEG energy "policy", and what shouldn't be a surprise, further research confirming LGBTI parents raise kids just as well as everyone else.

Episode 37 - Civil Liberties We Weren't Really Using Anyway (feat Tom Ballard)

01:02 If Latham sh*ts in the woods, does it really make a sound
08:48 Civil Liberties you weren't using - the right not to be imprisoned for two weeks without charge, even if you're older than 10. COAG knows we don't need that any more.
23:00 New creepy surveillance powers that definitely won't be abused
30:37 A step forward for housing and renters in Victoria!
40:55 Rigged survey news - church set up to change definition of marriage gives $1m to "no" because changing definition of marriage is wrong; No side has huge sums of cash
52:27 SIMC - self care at a time of national horror - Denise Pirko
57:38 Australia Vs Humanity - Dutton reckons refugees actually quite like his offshore gulags THEY HAVE BEACHES and also they're quite rich but also economic refugees look don't think about it too hard. Also the world that we're told "envies" our brutality turns out not to, and a Guardian-reading pensioner does something good to undo a ridiculous injustice that shouldn't have happened in the first place
01:15:33 Things we didn't have time for (Xenophon quitting Senate, Serco running Centrelink call centres, ABC axes Lateline, federal govt refuses to ban import of Grenfell-style cladding, Tony and volcano gods etc, the Oz seeks Senate be neutered)

Episode 36 - There Can Be Only One (feat Denise Pirko)

01:28 The especially forgetful ineligible senator; battling former and current solicitors general
16:57 family law review
22:05 space! (although after we recorded we learned that the Australian govt is mainly interested in it to persecute refugees)
25:10 Texts vs Robocalls; Freedom of speech vs Macklemores; Paul Kelly and John Howard demand specifics of religious privilege powers, but not too much bc actually they don't really want us to know what they are.
55:43 Australia Vs Humanity - a tiny % of refugees in Manus/Nauru to go to the US, govt wants praise; meanwhile trying to pay Rohingyans to return to Myanmar
01:07:04 Stuck in My Craw - rental anxiety (Ella Webb)

Episode 35 - An argument about how to "yes" (feat Ella Webb)

After cruising through the jolly topics of the LNP's obsession with magic coal plants like Liddell, and an especially one-sided version of media law reform, Jeremy and Ella have quite a vigorous argument about whether Love being Love is enough, or whether the Yes side in this vicious postal survey needs to go harder. Cam Smith returns to tell us what's stuck in his craw.