Episode 78 - The Quiet Australians (feat Kristin O'Connell)

00:01:20 Unprecedented weather conditions aren't anything to worry about

00:02:45 Murray Darling just one of those things

00:10:57 Audit of Libs' dodgy $443m PLUS $86m GBR giveaway

00:14:38 Scummo's Quiet Australians

00:17:24 Boardgame corner

00:20:50 Scummo's 26 Jan culture war on councils

00:26:58 Disingenuous 25 Jan distraction

00:32:20 Suggestion for date

00:36:27 Renters rights - why shouldn't they be the same as mortgagees'?

00:39:46 Australia Vs Humanity (indigenous kids locked up, dying; deporting some whilst being resentful others "snub" us)

00:51:18 Ironic unsolicited text messages

Episode 77 - Not Insurmountable Hardship (feat Denise Pirko)

00:01:52 Howard cabinet papers: sabotaging kyoto, setting up the waterfront fight

00:10:55 War to defend negative gearing for investment properties: ABC buying the LNP's bullshit and repeating it; NSW tenancy rights

00:30:20 Nazis and Nazi-friendly senators in Melbourne

00:33:23 Australia Vs Humanity: "Execution not 'insurmountable' hardship")

00:37:34 Australia Vs Humanity: Department quizzing gay people on the details of their sex lives

00:41:20 WA still imprisoning people for fines - gofundme rescuing indig women

00:49:46 Palmer vs Twisted Sister

00:51:33 Scummo's silly two left feet thing: but far more embarrassing should be being praised by Trump

Episode 76 - "Great Fan" (feat Denise Pirko)

00:01:15 Christmas Greetings from Centrelink

00:05:02 Destroying the Safety Net

00:11:44 The Daily Telegraph doesn't want you having sympathy for refugees

00:20:30 Why would you want to go back to Nauru if it's a hell hole? For pretty good reasons, it turns out

00:26:30 ALP on refugees - one small step forward, the rest just as monstrous as the Libs

00:29:12 The IPA and Senator Kitching

00:31:21 Denise finds the good news in Australia from 2018

00:41:31 Great Fans for the Reef

00:44:14 Dutton does some good

Episode 75 - "Comical Scammo" (feat Denise Pirko)

Dutto explains how he'd like more fascism and less parliament

Scammo waits till he's shut down parliament to announce some of his stupid ideas

- religious privilege to help Porteous (and booting gay kids off to a review, and nothing for gay teachers)

- faux-CAC ("real teeth")

- declaring war on Vic (a majority govt that just won an election) on education

And Pyne is excited by his new very expensive terrible fighter jets

AvH - the Murdoch press claims 40 of 300 refugees want to come back to Nauru from the US because Baron Waqa claims it. Does that prove Nauru is fine? Ha

Episode 74 - Nobody. Calls. The ALP. Chicken. (Feat Tom Ballard)

No time to do timestamps this week, but a bumper episode including

- a heartwarming story as the ALP finds its courage and demonstrates it by giving the government crazy new powers for christmas

- the Libs thrill punters with a final day of parliament like no other

- the unhinging 1 - right-wing commentators vs Victoria

- the unhinging 2 - right-wing commentators vs kids protesting climate change

- Is "Scummo" okay?

- Scummo swoops in to save Craig Kelly from the people and himself from looking quite as precarious