Episode 78 - The Quiet Australians (feat Kristin O'Connell)

00:01:20 Unprecedented weather conditions aren't anything to worry about

00:02:45 Murray Darling just one of those things

00:10:57 Audit of Libs' dodgy $443m PLUS $86m GBR giveaway

00:14:38 Scummo's Quiet Australians

00:17:24 Boardgame corner

00:20:50 Scummo's 26 Jan culture war on councils

00:26:58 Disingenuous 25 Jan distraction

00:32:20 Suggestion for date

00:36:27 Renters rights - why shouldn't they be the same as mortgagees'?

00:39:46 Australia Vs Humanity (indigenous kids locked up, dying; deporting some whilst being resentful others "snub" us)

00:51:18 Ironic unsolicited text messages