Episode 77 - Not Insurmountable Hardship (feat Denise Pirko)

00:01:52 Howard cabinet papers: sabotaging kyoto, setting up the waterfront fight

00:10:55 War to defend negative gearing for investment properties: ABC buying the LNP's bullshit and repeating it; NSW tenancy rights

00:30:20 Nazis and Nazi-friendly senators in Melbourne

00:33:23 Australia Vs Humanity: "Execution not 'insurmountable' hardship")

00:37:34 Australia Vs Humanity: Department quizzing gay people on the details of their sex lives

00:41:20 WA still imprisoning people for fines - gofundme rescuing indig women

00:49:46 Palmer vs Twisted Sister

00:51:33 Scummo's silly two left feet thing: but far more embarrassing should be being praised by Trump