A reminder for progressives not to vote Labor

Labor today voting with the LNP to cut $158bn from revenue in tax cuts for upper middle to upper class Australians. Next will come the brutal cuts to the poor to pay for it. Only Adam Bandt and Andrew Wilkie voted against this obscenity.

If the shot seems familiar, it is similar to the photo in the WMWS logo from 2010 when only Adam Bandt and Andrew Wilkie voted against offshore detention brutality for refugees.

19-07-02 Labor voting with the Libs to destroy the revenue base D-d1H8PUIAAteyV.jpg

Episode 97 - A Lovely Antidote (feat Tom Ballard)

00:02:29 Ratchet time - it's the squandering billions on tax cuts phase and both big parties are here to vote for them!

00:06:58 Interlude: Labor gives up on NewStart

00:10:58 Splitting off the even more absurd tax cuts

00:14:58 "Politics Of Envy"

00:26:57 Israel Bloody Folau and the pitch for a new Religious Privilege

00:46:00 Post hoc ergo propter hoc, Lyle Shelton, and the end of the "Australian Conservatives"

00:48:00 Pyne's new job

00:50:49 Trump praising our cruelty to refugees; Scammo Telling China And The US What For

00:54:00 War In Iran?!?!

01:00:54 Australia Vs Humanity - refugee in Manus to be charged with attempting suicide

01:05:27 Tom's Happy Thought

Episode 96 - Worried about Niceties (feat Denise Pirko)

00:01:25 Tax cut brinkmanship

00:10:15 Alan Jones boasts about how the Libs always lie to tax cut voters, and how futile it is for the ALP to placate these people

00:21:56 Setka, and how to protect female workers by taking away their rights

00:27:56 Dutton trying to bring "medevac" back

00:31:18 Tax rises and death taxes - the Libs' attack on people with student "debts"

00:38:54 IPA watch: whistleblowers -> press freedom -> freedom of propagandists to spout bullshit.