Episode 94 - Screwed by Scummo (feat Denise Pirko)

00:01:07 Albo's ascension (remember him? See episode 59)

00:06:15 Better approaches to what happened in the campaign; $387bn out of your pocket; the 95% Giant Mortgage policy and The Party of Debt

00:21:08 Bowen tries to apologise to ACL types; ACL reveals that it's not interested in "christian policy"

00:30:50 Nick Carr tells us what's stuck in his craw

00:34:50 How to get people to vote against the policies they actually like (tl;dr - drive them to the edge, and then frighten them)

00:40:38 "News.com.au is very left wing"

00:44:30 ALP approaches going forward (tl;dr - frame immediately the cost of living pressures coming from Scummo, starting with power prices jumping immediately the Libs were returned)

00:57:19 Bipartisan legislation to stop people impersonating the AEC - also reminding people that the Libs didn't just lie, they cheated

Episode 92 - Unlawful Use of An Egg (feat Denise Pirko)

In the week in which an egg was rolled gently off the temporary Prime Minister's head in Albury (this text and the episode title being the only reference to it since we didn't actually mention it in the episode), a bumper episode featuring

00:01:05 Voting ideas!

00:06:51 far right's new low (seriously)

00:08:26 Letterbox horror

00:16:48 Threatening renters 1 - Dutton's creepy letterbox harrassment

00:20:48 Reader refugee rent offer!

00:25:18 The centrepice of the Libs' campaign "launch" - their new plan to make housing even less affordable (immediately endorsed by Labor!)

00:32:34 Frydenberg admits they haven't modelled their signature housing policy

00:42:16 Frydenberg admits his fake "surplus" for next year won't exist if he gets to do his EWL promise

00:46:40 Threatening renters 2 - real estate agents threatening tenants with lies about the election

00:52:01 What is this "$387bn higher taxes" line and why is it bullshit

00:57:32 Man dies waiting for DSP

01:05:22 Scummo "respects" women

01:11:17 Scummo's plan for new religious powers before the end of the year

01:25:47 Space Invader vs Pacman

Episode 91 - Redistribution

01:27 Losing candidates

04:59 Social media pasts

08:46 Climate costing


13:11 Pity the ALP won't defend it

16:39 If the ALP won't, then point out the redistribution upwards happening under the LNP

18:00 730 overly sympathetic to Frankenboomers - or were they?

24:55 childcare, or as Dan Tehan calls it, communism

27:21 Bill Shorten being an absolute d*ckhead and endorsing turnbacks

29:00 Working through the hideous Victorian senate ballot paper

34:23 Clive "you can make a lot of money if you don't pay your workers" Palmer

35:10 Pauline "why are all the racist grifters I nominate bad men" Hanson

39:36 Scummo embarrassing himself

40:55 Mark Latham being worse

42:15 But Sky is getting worried.

Suggestion for figuring out your Senate preferences

Below is the nightmare Victorian Senate ballot paper, in the order determined by random chance. As you can see, progressive candidates did very badly, and the ballot is filled with right-wing cranks and lunatics. The Libs are at the very top. The ALP is way down the bottom - worse, it’s after the far-right “Labour DLP”, which will cause confusion. The ballot highlights how silly it is having a system where people with a few hundred bucks who register a party with a misleading name in April have the same chance of being at the top of the paper as a real party people have heard of.

I’d suggest the solution is that the ballot is in order of who got the most votes last time. No more “Liberal Democrats” getting ahead of the Liberal Party, or the “Labour DLP” being ahead of the ALP. No more trading on confusion.

Anyway, that won’t happen, so here we are. What to do?

And here is a link to a ranking engine used by boardgame geeks to rank their boardgame collections: https://www.pubmeeple.com/board-game-ranking-engine/

It can be used for ranking any list. Like, say, a list of candidates for the Senate in Victoria.

And here is a text list of all the candidates on the Victorian Senate ballot for 2019. If you copy and paste it into the ranking engine, it will pull up two parties at a time and ask you to pick the one you’d prefer if it came down to the two of them at the end. One of them was going to get that last senate seat. It’s down to you. Which is the least bad option? Which would you prefer to see lose? I would suggest ranking candidates and parties that are unclear about what they stand for just above the ones that are outright bad (the LNP) and those ones above the ones that are outright evil (PHON), and the single issue parties where you don’t know how they’d vote on anything other than that issue just above those. Then the ok parties (the ALP) above them and the good parties (the Greens) at the top.

At the end it will generate a list in order of your preferences as you’ve expressed them. Hopefully that’s helpful.

The list:


B Republican Party of Australia

C Socialist Equality Party

D The Small Business Party

E Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)

F United Australia Party

G Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

H Climate Action! Immigration Action! Accountable Politicians! (formerly Senator Online)

I Derryn Hinch's Justice Party

J Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

K Citizens Electoral Council

L Australian Democrats

M Independents for Climate Action Now

N Liberal Democrats

O Secular Party of Australia

P Labour DLP

Q Pauline Hanson's One Nation

R Pirate Party

S Voteflux.org Upgrade Democracy

T Australian Workers Party

U Animal Justice Party

V The Greens (VIC)

W Rise Up Australia Party

X Australian Labor Party

Y Sustainable Australia

Z Sunny Chandra & Robert Whitehill

AA Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party

AB Australian Conservatives

AC The Great Australian Party

AD Health Australia Party

AE Yellow Vest Australia

Ungrouped Independents