Episode 07 - Maybe Trickle Down Will Work If We Try It A Bit Longer? (feat Guest Host Cam Smith)

For this bumper episode (aren't they all?) Jeremy is joined by Cam Smith, from the beloved Gather Around Me podcast, to discuss:

- GDP falls by 0.5%: turns out all this sacrifice didn't even get us any growth;
- Libs vs energy policy that would save you money AND reduce emissions
- In Australia vs Humanity, we learn more of the details about what we did to the guy who died from a minor infection, and explore the viciousness of the federal Libs vs a council which scheduled some citizenship ceremonies for NOT January 26
- Ella Webb returns to tell us what's stuck in her craw
- And, as it happens, much more, because we're chatty people.

Oh - and if you wanted an article breaking down how the deficit is pretty much entirely the fault of Peter Costello's 2005 tax cuts, it's here.