Episode 08 - Not My Debt (feat guest host Lyndsey Jackson)

For the first (unexpectedly more bumper than ever) episode back after the holiday break, Jeremy is joined by Lyndsey Jackson of notmydebt.com.au to discuss this government's war on the poor, in particular its attack on anyone who's ever used Centrelink. In Australia vs Humanity we explore a system which encourages police and immigration staff to ignore pleas for medical assistance by refugees and indigenous people - with tragic consequences. Cam Smith returns to tell us what's Stuck in his Craw, and listener Kristin asks us to brainstorm approaches to deal with friends who claim there are totally non-racist well-thought-through reasons they supported Brexit.

1. Not My Debt: 1:30
2. Australia vs Humanity: 1:12:58
3. Stuck in My Craw: 1:50:17
4. How to Leftwing Friends and Affluent People: 2:07:21