Episode 09 - Living on Leysey St (feat guest host Dave Gaukroger)

Jeremy tracks down a random resident of Sussan Ley's very electorate in southern NSW to discuss the latest expenses scandal, one that has cost the PM a minister and one of his closest supporters in cabinet. In the as-yet-unnamed segment about how to deal with obnoxious relatives, in this case ones who refuse to grasp why Australia Day is problematic to celebrate, we find a ludicrous strawperson who helpfully keeps contradicting his own points, and Dave sets him straight. We (two white middle class men) discuss why whitewashing Australian history doesn't work even if you're selling meat products, whilst forgetting to acknowledge that we're possibly not the best people to be speaking about it. And, not hugely impressed by the LNP Coalition trying to brazen out the Centrelink attack, Lyndsey Jackson from NotMyDebt.com.au returns to tell us what's Stuck In Her Craw.

01:11 Dave plugs his podcast
02:39 When Rorting Becomes A Habit
31:55 Dave plugs his podcast
32:26 8 Simple Rules For Baiting My Racist Uncle
41:56 Do Indigenous People Dream Of Invaders' Sheep
55:17 Lyndsey Jackson tells us what's Stuck In Her Craw
01:10:20 Dave plugs his podcast
01:10:42 Dave plugs his podcast
01:12:28 Dave plugs his podcast