Episode 10 - Fact-checking WMWS (feat guest host Greg Jericho)

Jeremy is joined by Greg Jericho, economic writer for the Guardian (and former "Grogs Gamut" blogger outed by The Australian), for a hard-to-characterise discussion of what on Earth is going on. And Dave Gaukroger returns to tell us what's Stuck in his Craw. (And prompting next week's "Stuck in my Craw" from Jeremy, "No We Are Not Naming Listeners To This Podcast After Uncool 70s Singers".)

01:55 What a Hunt
04:13 Fact-checking WMWS
29:41 Where did the gains from automation go?
40:11 What is the government there to do?
01:25:31 Australia vs Humanity - the Immigration Dept seems to have lost $2.3bn
01:48:41 Stuck in my Craw - Dave Gaukroger - making excuses for your team.