Episode 43 - While you're not paying attention (feat Cam Smith)

00:01:57 In spite of Malcolm, not thanks to him
00:07:40 ScoMo's christmas surprise (MYEFO)
00:07:50 ERRATA billion, not million
00:08:24 Waiting till after Bennelong
00:11:37 ERRATA one third not two thirds
00:15:12 Discrimination against LGBTI people that continues - WA flubs it; no-one's even asking Andrews in Victoria
00:17:50 #EatShitLyle - being polite to oppressors
00:22:40 Time to fight for a bill of rights?
00:25:16 Dastyari and donations reform
00:32:33 Good riddance to Brandis
00:44:57 Trumble being a git on Q&A
00:47:23 What were you thinking voters of Bennelong
00:51:12 Whipping up hatred of the poor
00:53:00 Governments trying to stop information that should coming out (whistleblowers); being terrible at stopping information that shouldn't (our health information)
00:57:47 Royal Commission reports
01:07:06 The Greens trolling "war on xmas"