Episode 44 - The Truffle Reshuffle (feat guest host Dave Gaukroger)

00:04:13 the silencing charities who dare advocate for the vulnerable bill (introduced minutes after marriage equality)
00:07:30 the Michaelia Cash union raid story keep simmering
00:09:28 Australia ducks the Jerusalem vote, apparently we're now okay with escalating tensions there
00:13:39 Turnbull's new cabinet. The Trumble Rumble. The Truffle Reshuffle.
00:16:15 ScoMo getting worried
00:19:57 the christmas warriors
00:21:04 Stuck in my Craw - Cam Smith
00:25:12 ScoMo against blasphemy
00:32:31 ScoMo endorsing US corporate tax cuts - when Australian politicians try to import US Republican schemes
00:37:18 More cabinet reshuffle - unhappy Nats
00:39:40 The WMWS kiss of death
00:44:12 science shunted from the cabinet again, and Dutton's terrifying new super department
00:46:07 Trumble praising the Bjelke-Petersen era
00:49:51 state leaders being shit: Foley vs Safe Schools; Daniel Andrews vs public spaces; Jeremy vs Apple
00:59:49 Australia Vs Humanity: follow @behrouzboochani
01:01:26 commercial offline radio station sticks up middle finger to indigenous people