Episode 29 - Something Shiny Amongst The Coal (feat Cam Smith)

01:23 SECRET DUAL CITIZENS EVERYWHERE but also, seriously, this is a stupid provision that needs fixing. Bonus suggestions for how this could be fixed.
21:36 Idiotic pleibscite ideas - the anti-LGBTI postal plebiscite, and Shorten's republic brainfart
35:52 Shorten's four year fixed terms idea
42:07 Utterly shameless $30m gift to Foxtel
43:26 Greens' plan to fix housing
54:23 ALP's plan to wind back some trusts
01:00:04 Stuck in my Craw - Denise Pirko - the privilege of being able to tune out
01:13:07 Australia Vs Humanity - could we stop imprisoning poor people who owe fines, the US deal is falling apart, and we farewell the wonderful Gillian Triggs.