Episode 30 - Dodgy Bastards Yes, Nobel Prize Winners No (feat guest host Denise Pirko)

01:12 Malcolm & Donald - a phone call in which our PM tells Trump he doesn't have to take any refugees, that we'll take anyone he wants us to take, that we'd prefer their worst people to "Nobel Peace Prize" winners; in which he makes up "economic refugees" as if they are a real thing, and cynically sets off the refugees to go through a brutal vetting process knowing the Americans will never take them. Or, as the Oz puts it, "his finest moment".
20:24 Malcolm about to sell out LGBTI Australians again, with a whole new plan to brutalise them. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL MP BY MONDAY MORNING - http://www.equalitycampaign.org.au/home
35:07 Liberals in NSW vs homeless people in the Sydney CBD
42:07 Still no explanation for the $30m to Foxtel
44:26 Sam Dastyari
46:01 Stuck In My Craw - Cam Smith
51:10 Australia vs Humanity - taking drinking water and power away from vulnerable refugees on Manus Island, after machete attacks, the Melbourne family facing deportation after failing the English test. After ten years.