Episode 31 - How to deal with a cruel, rigged postal survey, and the lies that are already accompanying it (feat guest host Denise Pirko)

01:16 surprisingly we talk about that $122m non-binding postal survey conducted by the ABS, including ABC trying to force staff to use the bigots' terminology, some of the dodgy lies being spread already, the vicious homophobia of the guy in charge of it, and basically everything else
39:12 Malcolm: "This postal ballot is going to push to the margins of our society those people who are already on the margins"
41:20 Australia won't let lesbian woman divorce; UNHCR says that's contrary to her human rights
48:17 Malcolm inviting us to a nuclear war
57:05 Martin Place tent city community torn down
58:37 Oh *that's* why the Libs are giving $30m of your money to Fox Sports
1:03:27 Victorian state Liberal leader Guy (no that's his name) and his meeting with an alleged mobster over lobster
1:07:09 Bruce Billson, minister in charge of franchising receiving an undisclosed salary from their lobby group
1:08:11 Australia Vs Humanity - the foreshadowed death of refugee Hamed Shamshiripour, and the utter silence from Labor and the Liberals