Episode 68 - Administrative Error (feat Brandon Selic)

00:01:00 Summary

00:04:20 Liberals' special week as incompetent boobs: voting for Hanson's white power motion an "administrative error"; new environment minister mocks Pacific Islands; Scummo thinks science is a lot more Faith-y than it is; Nats trying to bring back Barnaby

00:18:03 the Libs' weird decision to invite a war with the arab world in an attempt to win Wentworth

00:27:12 more leaks of the Ruddock Review confirming that it really is solely about LGBTI-bashing and not "religious freedom"

00:36:20 Australia vs Humanity - Nauru kicks out senior Australian doctor; Morrison floats sending refugee children to NZ, but only if Labor signs off on another power grab for the xenophobes

00:42:07 positive things: Ellis Defence removed; abortion decriminalised in Queensland; ACL very unhappy.

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