Episode 67 - Who do you think you are (feat Denise Pirko)


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Omelas - http://www.mccc.edu/pdf/eng102/Week%209/Text_LeGuin%20Ursula_Ones%20Who%20Walk%20Away%20From%20Omelas.pdf

00:01:09 Flogging off the Sydney Opera House - Alan Jones, Gladys Berejiklian, and Scott Morrison vs the Opera House and the people of NSW;

00:09:58 The safe space after Alan Jones bullies Louise Herron

00:13:51 The safe space after Alan Jones' fauxpology

00:18:24 The safe space after the last excerpt where you might hear Alan Jones's voice

00:22:55 The Ruddock Review leak - step too far for Hinch, then Bolt, then a backdown from Morrison and even the ACL; Morrison contradicts Cormann claiming Cabinet was considering the report; possibility that the conservatives' plot may backfire and result in fixing long-standing discrimination against LGBTI kids and staff in schools

00:32:21 Kristin O'Connell tells us what's stuck in her craw - American conservative cash promoting right-wing causes here

00:35:00 Australia's idiotic response to the IPCC report; Morrison thinks what happens on Earth doesn't affect Australia; Australia to definitely miss Paris targets; JR Hennessy suggests we stop listening on climate change to people who know they won't be around to see the worst

00:41:44 Cheeky Scamp Watch - LNP schemes of the week. You've got to keep your eyes on those naughty little chappies! $3.2bn in corporate tax cuts for LNP supporters, and the fiction of trickle-down vs trickle up; remember the reverse ratchet

00:46:48 Australia vs Humanity: Aboriginal woman fined $500 for stealing $6 box of tampons;

00:52:04 Australia vs Humanity: CDP cruelty to expand;

00:56:20 Australia vs Humanity: Medecins sans Frontieres exiled from Nauru; Omelas

00:59:58 Victoria to stop forcing trans married people to divorce