Episode 66 - That Ratchet Still Needs Reversing (feat Kristin O'Connell)

Kristin joins Jeremy (who has stuffed up his Zoom settings and is accidentally recording with the internal mic rather than the proper mic in front of him) to discuss trains, kinders, shonky arrangements between conservatives and Nauru, and (for some unfathomable reason in the middle), political boardgames.

00:01:30 Remembering the Reverse Ratchet

00:05:11 Guy can do trains too, he totally can, he's a train guy!

00:10:50 ALP promising three year old kindergarten; Virginia Trioli inconveniently remembering the children the ALP's abandoning on Nauru

00:17:30 The Australian government's "sovereignty of Nauru" pathetic excuse for ignoring court orders and blocking media, and uncovered departmental documents confirming what a lie that is.

00:23:20 ALP starts admitting Coalition policies they'll ape, like having a monstrous combined Home Affairs department

00:25:15 Bill Leak Jr, media regulation; legal aid; progressive policies that actually improve the economy, vs conservative cuts that cost money. How do these things flow into each other? Somehow!

00:30:04 SIMC - Erin Riley - treatment of and developments in women's sport

00:32:30 What the hell is competitive Tetris, and can you make an entertaining boardgame about Australian politics

00:40:22 We'll try to do a better job of remembering the people not in the room

00:43:50 This week in racism news - indigenous communities being ignored as their water supply is contaminated with uranium; when fundraising is used to makeup for government failures

00:48:30 ABC update - Guthrie sacked, Milne resigned, board in the crosshairs - and the Coalition, with its shonky process of appointing mates

00:51:30 the quiet bit of the podcast, the Friday before the Grand Final, where we can slip out without too much noise that Australia's carbon emissions have skyrocketed since the Coalition scrapped the carbon price

00:52:28 Liberal Party in Wentworth attack Kerryn Phelps for having the poor judgment to preference them.

00:55:10 The Nauru/Australia agreement on silencing the media about refugees

00:56:00 Hobart Supreme Court upholds anti-discrimination protections against homophobic bigots

00:57:22 "Tampon Tax" to finally go

00:58:38 Four day work week news from NZ

*Apologies for Jeremy's audio quality (he foolishly hit the button that disconnected the external mic, so instead ended up recording from the internal mics) and the mix (excerpts in particular) is a bit less balanced than we'd like, as we've run out of time to edit before Sunday night. We figure in the choice between two days' delay and some slightly wonky audio balance for the excerpts. Hopefully we made the choice you prefer.*