Episode 65 - Indulgent Self-Loathing (feat Erin Riley)

00:01:10 Scott "I've just learned not to care, and I really don't" Morrison, ordinary bloke with a mortgage, and a trophy he made himself about stopping boats.

00:09:15 Robert Manne's depressing proposal to give up and make a hideous trade with the right - compassion for the refugees in our gulags, in exchange for accepting the brutality of dragging other refugees out to sea

00:24:20 Liberal Party might consider quotas for women if Labor hadn't had them first, ruining the idea FOREVER

00:36:00 To hell with needs-based funding, ScoMo gives bonus billions to the nation's richest schools

00:45:58 "Religious freedom" sounds so much nicer than "religious privilege", doesn't it. And then a philosophical debate about the limits of religious rights. CW: whilst both participants in the debate support equality for LGBTIQ people, an argument is put by one participant for the idea of churches being able to discriminate in hiring according to their particular prejudices. Whilst this contention is vigorously disputed by the other participant, in hindsight I (Jeremy) regret having not made a point to expressly discuss the effect on the people who would be harmed by such discrimination, and acknowledge that having one’s rights implicitly discussed without being explicitly considered as affected parties might reasonably be triggering and upsetting to listeners. Sometimes the “debate the other side” position can be thoughtlessly harmful, even if the intention is to rebut it, for which we apologise.

01:07:02 September - the time when a young Prime Minister's mind turns to a national holiday in January. And floating an insincere complementary "indigenous day". And when right-wing culture warriors (like the Nationals' Bridget McKenzie) are a bit confused about the basics of the right-wing culture they want to impose on us.


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