Episode 64 - Two Jobs (feat Denise Pirko)

00:00:58 Win for tenants in Victoria

00:03:16 Malcolm Gunning's "get two jobs" solution for renters

00:11:50 Morrison following up "gender whisperer" nonsense with a call for parents to override teachers

00:16:12 9 year old student stands against stupid patriotism, is supported by her parents against teachers...

00:17:55 ...is abused by fuckwits Alan Jones and Mark Latham

00:20:45 ...is threatened with violence by fuckwit Pauline Hanson

00:33:02 Scott Morrison's demand for religious privileges to discriminate against LGBTI people, which sound nicer when you call them "religious freedom"

00:40:30 Dutton, the man who controls the collection of all your data, likes to keep it to use to attack anyone who criticises him

00:42:39 The awful cashless "welfare" card to be spread even further, notwithstanding all the trials it's failed

00:43:54 Mark Knight, still a shithouse cartoonist, now world-renowned as an abysmal racist