Episode 63 - Skin Curling (sic) (feat Ginger Valentine)

UPDATE: there was an error in the original upload where the intro music track was muted in the exported mp3. That has now been fixed. In the original version the podcast still started about 20 seconds in, it was just 20 seconds of silence. Apologies to all who experienced the error.

00:01:30 A PM whose "skin curls" thinking about trans kids being supported
00:20:47 Morrison trying to invoke Menzies in Albury
00:21:54 Morrison rails against entitled young people who greedily squander their income on extravagances like 21st century rent
00:31:00 Dutton's weird "hey I've got all this dodgy stuff I've been covering up, but if you're mean to me I'll just let it out everywhere" defence
00:34:08 What Victorian doesn't want to pay $2.5m to get Matthew Guy out of some political embarrassment?
00:40:51 For a libertarian, Mark Latham sure does like being publicly owned
01:03:10 Chelsea Manning stopped from speaking in Australia
01:05:43 Victorian parliament passes, unamended, residential tenancy reform that actually improves renters' rights (we didn't know that was the outcome when we recorded)